Competition 2022

In our competition, we are looking for creative solutions to specific challenges in the healthcare sector. Whether you have a ready-to-market technology, a research project or simply an innovative idea, apply and you may soon be collaborating with experts to bring your idea to the market in Europe and Korea. The prizes for the winners are:


Win a place in one of our exclusive Workshop sessions in Seoul on June 16/17 and work together with global leading healthcare companies and investors on innovations and business strategies. 

Investors & Funding

Pitch your idea to international investors at the event or apply for a joint venture funding program and get a chance to receive 100,000 USD in funding for your joint-venture.

Accelerator Program

Get nominated and apply for a funded accelerator program in Germany and get ready to launch your product on the European market with the help of experts.

Network & Consulting

Become a member of the Business Circle and benefit from free-of-charge consulting sessions on legal, regulatory, IP and other topics, pitching events and a strong business network.

The Challenges


Minimal / Non-invasive measurement of body parameters: Measurement and/or use of measured data relevant for the therapy of diabetes. These include in particular blood glucose levels, but also data on metabolism, physical activity, blood pressure, cholesterol, nicotine, body weight, general fitness, etc.
Problem Statement

Diabetes mellitus is a chronic disease that confronts patients with a number of challenges in their everyday lives. Constant invasive monitoring of blood glucose levels and therapies that are difficult to integrate into the patient’s individual daily routine fail to meet the needs of many patients. For this reason, therapies in the future should take greater account of the patient’s individual situation and should be even easier to integrate into the patient’s daily routine. Of particular importance here are simple measurements of relevant data, a holistic view of the patient in his or her individual life situation, and intelligent therapy strategies based on this.


Context: In order to personalize therapies for patients, a holistic approach is essential, taking into account all the data that can contribute to the optimization of a therapy. In addition to blood glucose levels, this also includes data on lifestyle, diet, fitness and general health.

Barriers: Often, measurements of such data are inconvenient or not sufficiently accurate to be incorporated into therapy. 

Goals: Develop new ways to minimally / non-invasively measure body-parameters or use existing data to improve patient therapies.

Improving capacity and recharging of batteries that power implants and / or sensors that are mounted to the body, technological approaches to reduce energy consumption and energy harvesting technologies.
Problem Statement

Increasingly sensors attached to the body or implants are being used on / in bodies to monitor health status or parameters, take over body-specific functions or inject pharmaceutical products. Sensors always require a reliable power supply. Often, maintenance of such sonsors is awkward and inconvenient for the patient. New technologies for easy and reliable power supply of sensors will significantly improve therapies for patients and reduce complications. Several approaches are being pursued simultaneously: An increase in energy capacity with the smallest battery cells, simpler charging options for battery cells implanted in bodies or mounted to the body, approaches to reduce energy consumption or energy harvesting outside / inside the body itself.


Context: New battery technologies can decisively expand the application range of sensors and thus simplify the patient’s everyday life. 

Barriers: Besides minimizing the size of the energy cells, the reliability of the energy supply is of crucial importance.

Goals: Develop battery technologies that are suitable for use in the body and thereby improve existing therapies or enable new therapeutic options. 

Bring in your own digital health topic!

Digital innovations in healthcare are essential to enable faster and more effective diagnosis and treatment for patients around the world.

Do you have an innovative technology or an idea that improves patients’ lives? If so, please apply!