Do you have innovative ideas or are you working on new technologies? Apply for our competition on specific topics in the healthcare sector.

Innovation Workshsops

In our workshops, we collaborate with companies and startups on new innovations and help startups to get ready for the healthcare market.

Virtual Event Series

Join us on our virtual journey and gain insights into the Korean and German digital health market.

Virtual Event Series

Join us on our virtual journey through the digital health landscape in Korea and Germany. On this journey, the artificial intelligence Vida will present you interviews with people and institutions from both countries to provide you with interesting insights on how innovations are created in Korea and Europe.


In our competition, we are looking for creative solutions to specific challenges in the healthcare sector. Whether you have a ready-to-use technology, a research project or simply an innovative idea, apply and you may soon be working with experts and investors to bring your idea to market in Europe and Korea. Click on the challenges to learn more about the competition, the topics and the prizes.

Collaborate in Innovation Workshops to bring cutting-edge technologies to market.

Collaboration & Acceleration

In our workshops, startups, experts, researchers and entrepreneurs from Europe and Korea work together to develop new healthcare solutions and make startups ready for market entry in Europe and Korea.

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